Announcing The Successful Recipient Of The 2016 Janapar Grant

We’re pleased to announce today that the recipient of the 2016 Janapar Grant has been selected from a field of 45 applicants.

Jess Hargreaves, who is currently finishing a Masters’ degree in Brighton, will receive a touring bike and equipment to set off on the journey of a lifetime, as well as mentorship from a group of experienced cycle travellers who have offered their time and advice to help her prepare for her journey.

Reaching a decision was an extraordinarily difficult process. A huge amount of time and thought was put into the applications we received – we even received one application composed entirely in rhyming prose!

Ultimately, having interviewed five shortlisted candidates in person, we chose Jess because we believed she would benefit most from the impetus the grant would give to her plans, as well as making the best use of both the equipment and the mentorship components of the grant.

Because of the large number of extremely compelling applications we received, however, we felt strongly that we wanted to offer assistance and encouragement to as many applicants as possible within our capacity to do so.

We therefore took the decision to offer the mentorship opportunity to all qualifying applicants this year, as well as a selection of ebooks to help them overcome some of the biggest obstacles and embark on their planned journeys regardless.

Even if we hadn’t, it’s clear from the enthusiasm and motivation that came through in this year’s applications that there will be a great many young people embarking on life-changing journeys by bicycle this year. Their stories have been an inspiration to all of us.

Jess will be writing regular short dispatches from the road, which will be published on the Janapar Grant website and Facebook page.

In the meantime, we would like to extend our thanks to the mentors – Emily, Leon, Al, Tim & Laura – and suppliers – Oxford Bike Works, Carradice, Polaris and Porterlight Bicycles – for helping make the grant happen in its inaugural year, as well as to everyone else who has contributed or donated to the project.

Congratulations once again to the successful recipient of the 2016 Janapar Grant!